Wholegrain Milling is a family-owned business, who since 1984 have specialised in the production of superior organic flours and grain products.  Pioneers in their field, they were the first certified organic flour mill in Australia!

Wholegrain’s products are carefully stone-ground using traditional European millstones. All germ, bran and endosperm of the wholegrain – along with the vitamins and minerals – are retained and distributed evenly throughout the stone-milled flour. The vitamin-rich wheat germ is released into the flour, colouring and flavouring it slightly.

The wheat germ that is retained during the stone milling process produces the characteristic nutty wheat flavour in wholewheat flour, giving it and unmistakable aroma. This produces a flour with the texture that only a stone-miller with the traditional, time-honoured skills of a true artisan can produce.

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