Founded by two best mates, Joel and Calvin, Westmont Picklery produce delicious Aussie pickles inspired by the blues culture of the Deep South.

Their desire to make a “legit Aussie pickle” has resulted in a cucumber quest around Australia. Working closely with a farmer in Queensland, Westmont Picklery's specialty cucumbers are one-of-a-kind. The gremlin cucumber, while painful to pick (thus the name) is perfect for pickling due not only to its flavour, but perhaps more importantly the water content, which needs to be bang on to create the crunch (and absorb the right amount of brine). These are essentially single-source pickles.

The pickles come whole, in halves, in spears or sliced. They are all immersed in flavoursome brine. Westmont’s Dill Pickles take seven day’s for ideal preservation to take place. Preservation occurs after cucumbers are packed with fresh dill, dill seed, peppercorns and brine. Their brine contains purified water, white vinegar, Olssons fine pickling salt, caster sugar and fresh garlic, which is removed after infusion.

Westmont offers three signature flavours:

Dill - A classic Americana pickle. Great on the side of a burger or with some sharp cheddar and a shot of whiskey.
Bread and Butter - Sweet Tang! The Pickle without prejudice, perfect for sandwiches or burgers.
Ghost Chilli - This is a unique experience, great with slow cooked meats, a hit of tequila or to add some fire to your favourite salad dressing. (By request only)