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The Westerway Raspberry Farm is a business run from the Clark Family's farm, Lanoma Estate.

Raspberries, common throughout the Derwent Valley 40 years ago, were first planted in the old hop fields in Westerway in 1995 with the plan to supply machine harvested processing grade raspberries to Cascade Fruit Syrup. To service this market, Rob Clark planted one acre of the Willamette raspberry variety, a high yielding, soft berry with a naturally high sugar content.

In 1996. when the bushes yielded their first fruit, a 1980s mechanical harvester was used to pick the first of the farms fruit while the first punnets of fresh berries were picked by Richard Clark and sold to A1 Fruit Market in Hobart.

From humble beginnings, the farm now has over 60 acres of fertile land under raspberry production, owns three state-of-the-art mechanical harvesters from the United States, produces over 160 tonnes of raspberries each season and employs over 150 seasonal staff to supply fresh raspberries for the Tasmanian and interstate market.

The predominant focus of Westerway Raspberry Farm is the production of raspberries and blackcurrants. But The Westerway Raspberry Farm is also now planting small quantities of blackberries, silvanberries, golden raspberries and red currants.

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