We love operating out of our warehouse in Marrickville for a few reasons… there are two breweries and a gin distillery within a five minutes’ walk, there is freshly roasted coffee coffee on virtually every corner and Vannella Cheese is literally on the next street… and if you didn’t already know, there are a lot of people in this business who are just slightly obsessed with beer, gin, coffee and cheese.

Each time we on board a new customer service or sales team member they get marched off on a tour of duty of Vannella Cheese. It is a truly wonderful initiation ritual.

Vannella Cheese is an impressive operation; but more importantly, the people in the business are salt of the earth, artisans who you just wish you had more time to spend with… to talk about their day to day life, and taste their products and listen to the stories. Whilst the equipment is all shiny and clean and the people are all busy performing their various tasks to perfect the cheese, it is the stories and the words they use as they take you around the facility that take you on the real journey.

The story begins… Pino and Vito Vannella are from Puglia, Italy …and your dreamy little mind wonders back to the Mother country. They learned to make traditional stretch curd cheeses that are hand-tied and washed… and you just can’t help respect their art form and think about the traditions and the interesting people who they learned from. The milk was from the local herds and the money they made was used to raise their family and continue investing into cheese making equipment. Their story in Australia started in Cairns where the family first started out as they wanted to be close to the dairy and buffalo herds. A few years later they moved to the city, to bring the fresh cheese closer to the tables where it was being served.

The range includes burrata, buffalo mozzarella, stacciatella, buffalo ricotta, bocconcini, Fior di Latte, Oaxaca and Pizzarella. And we love the products as much as we love and respect the people that make them. Vannella will open their doors to our customers, so if you would like to have your own little tour of duty, just get in touch with your account manager to find out more.