Bocconcini Cherry (Ciliegine) 1kg (91x11g), 180g x 6 RETAIL **RO**
Bocconcini Fresh 180g x 6 RETAIL **RO**, 1kg (19x55g)
Burrata Cheese 110g x 12 RETAIL **RO**, 150g x 6 RETAIL **RO**, 1kg (10 x 100g)
Burratina Cheese 1kg (13 x 75g) **RO**
Curd - Buffalo 1 x 3kg Vac-pack **RO**
Curd - Cow Salted (Poutine) 1kg **RO**
Feta - Marinated Buffalo Persian Style 2kg
Feta - Marinated Cow Persian Style 2kg
Fior Di Latte Fresh 1kg (4x250g)
Mozzarella - Buffalo 100g x 12 RETAIL  **RO**, 125g x 6 RETAIL  **RO**, 1kg  (8 x 125g)
Mozzarella - Buffalo Smoked 1kg (10 x 100g), 100g x 12 RETAIL **RO**
Oaxaca Cheese 1kg
Pizzarella Logs 12 x 250g RETAIL **RO**, 1kg x 8
Ricotta 375g x 6 RETAIL **RO**
Ricotta Buffalo 375g x 6 RETAIL **RO**, 4 x 1kg **RO**
Ricotta Traditional Whey (Dry) 2kg
Scamorza Wood Smoked 230g x 12 RETAIL **RO**, 950g
Stracciatella 500g x 6
Treccine Mozzarella 1kg **RO**

Nearly 40 years ago, in a rural village in south east Italy, Vito Minoia was taught to hand stretch curd the traditional way. Over the following decades Minoia worked in some of Italy’s best cheese factories, before opening his own business Caseificio Vannella. Fifteen years (and numerous awards) later, Minoia decided to move his family and his cheese factory to Australia. 

Vannella originally set up in Cairns where they fortuitously met Mitch Humphries of the Australian Dairy Buffalo Company. Humphries had bought the buffalo herd from the top end and was looking for someone to work with the thick, creamy milk. With 100% more fat than dairy cows, the milk is rich in flavour and perfectly suited to the production of fresh cheeses.

The Minoia family have recently relocated their factory to Marrickville and are freighting the fresh buffalo milk down from Cairns. We now have access to their incredible buffalo mozzarella (and hand-tied burrata) the day after it has been made!