Blue Heritage Goat 1.8kg aprox.
Blue Heritage Mawson Wheel 1.6kg aprx.
Blue Heysen Wheel 2kg aprx.
Blue King Saul Raw Milk Wheel 500g
Brie Adelaide Hills 1.1kg approx.
Brie Adelaide Hills Double Cream 450g
Brie Goats 105g
Curd - Goat 1kg  -  UD
Goats Chevre 1kg - UD

Udder Delights is a family owned business, operating an Artisan cheese factory in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal since 1999. With humble beginnings as a small goat dairy, the business has grown to become a well recognised brand around Australia.

Owners, Saul and Sheree Sullivan have made a commitment to supporting their local dairy farmers, and produce their range with batch pasteurised mik and non animal rennet to deliver a range of award winning, hand-made cow and goat cheeses that boast authentic flavours and beautiful presentation.

Two Providores are delighted to offer 'King Saul', Australia's first raw cow's milk cheese. Saul and Sheree have perfected a hand-made process that gives King Saul the ability to mature for more than twice as long as other blue vein cheeses to maximise the taste, complexities and rich characteristics.