Craig McClory and his partner Andrea Chick were initially drawn to stunning Toolunka Creek property for its thrilling waterskiing, until their passion for producing olives came to fruition in 2006 and they founded Toolunka Creek Olives.

From humble begnnings, the pair have been growing, harvesting, processing and packaging premium, naturally fermented black and green olives from their South Australian estate.  They have roughly 8,000 olive trees and produce six varieties.

Toolunka Creek olives are grown naturally without fertilizers or chemicals, on the Murray River in South Australia. Within 24 hours of picking the olives are pickled in a natural brine that can take up to 18 months to cure the fruit. The olives are pickled without chemicals, artificial flavourings or colourings to ensure no compromise in taste or quality are made. The brine ingredients are natural and sourced locally. The olives are packaged in their brine. 

All olives are graded for size and imperfections prior to pickling and then hand graded during the packaging process. 

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