Chilli -  Threads 20g
Garlic - Black dried 500g
Kimm Bugak 320g
Kimm Gop Chang x 100 sheets
Kombu - Dashima Black Sheets 1kg
Kombu - Powder 1kg
Kombu - Shaved 50g
Laver - Block (Black & Green)150g
Laver - Doljaban 70g
Laver - Kimm 20g x 5 sheets
Oil - Perilla 180ml
Oil - Sesame Virgin Black 350ml
Oil - Sesame Virgin White  180ml
Paste - Blackbean 500g
Paste - Gochu Jang (Chilli) 500g
Sauce - Anchovy Extract 750ml
Sauce - Fish 500ml
Sauce - Soy Double Brewed (aged 2 years) 310ml
Sauce - Soy Tuna 750ml
Sauce - Soy Virgin 900ml
Smoke Pure Extract 120ml
Vinegar - Brown Rice 750ml

Table 181 are considered the experts in Korean ingredients in Australia.
Two Providores are thrilled to be their exclusive distributor.

Available from 7 August 2018.