Before we even get to the dairy, see a cow or eat cheese we are talking soil health.

I already know this is my kind of farm.


Richard has been working in the field of sustainable dairy farming for many years when a chance introduction saw him relocate from the UK and land in the grassy paddocks at Glen Huon in south-east Tasmania.

There is no talk on how many litres of milk he can squeeze out of each cow, all our conversations are around animal welfare, soil biodiversity, cattle breeds that suit the local environment and the resulting quality of the milk over volume.

My kind of farmer.


We were lucky to pin down not only Richard but Bruny Island Cheese Co.  owner and cheesemaker Nick Haddow, and his right-hand women and my old friend, Sara Shepherd.

It seems there is always something going on in Tassie when we are there; everyone is busy driving from one side of the island to the other and back again – in the same day.

Hard work. Commitment. Passion.

My kind of people.


We were visiting to finalise our talks about a partnership to bring the cheese from Bruny Island Dairy Co., made from the milk off the Glen Huon Farm, to mainland Australia… to bring cheese that embraces seasonality, made with dedication and commitment to the welfare of the animals, to the kitchens of chefs and cheese rooms of retailers.


A few beers - Farm Ale of course.

A few cheeses - 1792 and C2 to start.

A new partnership - and new farming friends for life.

- Erica Goldfinch