Pino and Pia

Pino’s Dolce Vita Fine Foods of Kogarah is a Sydney institution. Pino’s was opened 30 years ago, by Australian Food Industry icon Pino Tomini Foresti, a seventh generation butcher from Calabria in Southern Italy.Pino’s is a family run business that uses traditional artisan methods to produce their charcuterie range which includes receiving carcasses whole and breaking them down in house to maximise the control they have over the end product.Pino’s draws from a vast range of cultural traditions. South American, Spanish and Portuguese influences have resulted in a diverse product range that speak in many different accents and create an exciting range of flavours and food experiences to enjoy.

Bacon - Short Cut Loin Bangalow aprx. 3kg **RO**
Beef Bresaola Wagyu Pino's aprx. 2.5kg
Ham - Prosciutto Di Parma 24 months 7kg aprx.
Ham - Smoked Boneless Pinos 5kg
Mortadella Pino's aprx. 4kg
Pancetta - Flat Pino's aprx. 2.5kg
Salami - Finochiona Cacciatore (Fennel) aprx. 1kg
Salami - Messinesse aprx. 1kg
Salami - Nduja Spread HOT Pino's 1kg aprx, 100g Pouch (RETAIL
Salami - Pepperoni Pino's 3 x 1kg
Salami - Saucisson Sec aprx. 1kg
Salami - Truffle Pino's aprx. 500g
Turkey Breast Smoked Free Range aprx. 3kg