Pialligo Estate is an award-winning artisan smokehouse that creates naturally smoked products that showcase the best of the Capital region. A subtle smokey aroma, well balanced flavour, delicate texture and minimal wastage are hallmarks of their products. 

•    Traditional Northern European smoking methods
•    Preservative and additive free
•    Traceable raw ingredients

Bacon - Full Rash Cured & Smkd Full Loin aprx 5kg+
Bacon - Full Rasher Cured & Smkd Sliced 2kg
Bacon - Full Rasher Dry Cured & Smoked 200g
Bacon - Jam Jar 200ml
Bacon - Lardons (diced) 200g, 2kg aprx.**RO**
Bacon - Short Cut Dry Cured & Smoked 200g
Bacon - Short Cut Dry Cured 200g **RO**
Bacon - Streaky Dry Cured & Smkd Whole aprx 5kg+
Bacon - Streaky Dry Cured & Smoked 200g
Bacon -Short Dry Crd & Smk 200g Nitrite Free
Beef - Bresaola Wagyu Air Dried Sliced 50g **RO**
Chicken Breast Smoked 200g, 2kg aprx. **RO**
Coppa - (Pork) Sliced 80g **RO**
Duck - Smoked Breast 140g, 2kg aprx. **RO**
Ham - Half Smoked Boneless 2-4kg aprx **RO** NEW
Ham - Sliced Traditional approx. 150g **RO**
Ham - Small Boneless 1-2kg **RO**
Ham - Smoked Hock aprx 1.2kg **RO**
Ham - Whole Smoked Bone In 6-9kg aprx **RO** NEW
Pastrami Sliced 150g aprx **RO**
Pork Tasso Sliced 150g aprx **RO**
Salmon Gravlax Sliced 100g **RO**,  200g **RO**, Whole Side 1kg aprx. **RO**
Salmon Hot Smoked 200g PIECE **RO**
Salmon Smoked  200g **RO**
Salmon Smoked Sliced 100g **RO**, Whole Side 1kg aprx. **RO**
Sausages - Chorizo 2kg aprx BULK **RO**, 4 pack (400g) **RO**
Sausages - Fennel & Chilli 4 pack (400g) **RO**
Sausages - Italian 4 pack (400g) **RO**
Trout Hot Smoked Whole  each 300g aprx **RO**