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Pialligo Estate pride themselves on the handcrafted nature of their business. There are only three machines in the smokehouse and everything else is done by hand. Besides a mincer and filler for the sausages and a slicer for the bacon, everything else is done by hand. The production moves from ‘raw to store’ in a 3 week process.

Pork arrives in 6 -7 tonne batches and the three in house butchers break down the pork into middle and short cuts. The pork is dry cured in a mix of salt (Olsson’s), raw sugar (Bundaberg), herbs and spices (all Australian) and placed into tubs to cure for 3-7 days or around 1 day per kilo of pork. It is flipped over halfway through and once cured the excess mix is washed off. The pork is hung for 5 -6 days before moving into the smoker for anywhere from 6 to 48 hours. The time required to smoke the pork depends on the product and the humidity. The smoking process is straightforward with the Head Smoker placing 1 inch of Beechwood chips in the smoker tray and the extraction system then gently pulls the smoke through the smoker (which is a converted shipping container). This cold smoke process see the temperature stay under 35 degrees Celsius. After the smoking process the pork is returned to the fridge until it is ready for slicing and packaging.

The use of the smoker is controlled by the weather and the process will not work during rain or high humidity. It can also be too hot which moves the process to evenings.

The Salmon and Trout are smoked in the same fashion with the Head Smoker using his experience and skills to assess when the products are ready. The Salmon is the hardest and most delicate product smoked at Pialligo where a careful eye must be kept on the fillets to ensure they are not over smoked and dry out. All the Salmon is hand sliced by experienced staff who can produce over 1200 packets of hand sliced Salmon per day.

View All Pialligo Estate­­­­ Products