The origins of Fresh Fodder read more like a movie script than an official business plan. It all started 40 years ago, between a brothel and a pawn shop, when Jim Schofield found himself in possession of a long-held secret family recipe, gifted for good deeds done…

Picture the leafy streets of Sydney’s northern suburbs in the 1970’s. Jim owned a deli in Crows Nest, which was situated on the ground floor of a building that also housed a brothel upstairs and a pawn shop next door – both reputed to be owned by an underworld gangster figure in Sydney.

Early one morning as Jim headed in to the deli, he found the manager of the pawn shop getting a solid beating. The man was cowered on the ground in the fetal position, trying to protect himself from the kicks and punches that where being inflicted upon him. Without a thought, Jim intervened. 

Weeks passed by, when suddenly the manager of the pawn shop – a Greek man –reappeared to thank him for saving his life. He told Jim he wanted to repay him for what he felt was another chance at life. He said it would be in the form of a recipe he held, that would, in time, make a lot of money for Jim and repay him in full. He brought with him a small bag of ingredients and some mixing machines and set about showing Jim how to make his secret family recipe.

“A beautiful, light and fluffy dip which you will find no better in this land,” he said. “Taramosalata - it will make you money one day.”

Outside of the Greek community, this was a little-known product in mainstream Australia, but the Greek man insisted: “learn it. Hold on to it. The time will come. This is my gift to you.” And so, he left, and time passed.

Jump to 2008 and Max Schofield – Jim’s son – decided it was time to bring this secret recipe, Taramosalata, to the marketplace. Along with three generations of food industry knowledge and experience, he launched Fresh Fodder from a small garage, producing around 20-30 kilos of product per week.

Fast forward to today and a series of expansions has seen an increase in production to 15 tonnes, and growing. Fresh Fodder – still a family-owned and operated manufacturer of quality dips with a Mediterranean flavour profile – is proudly produced in Orange, New South Wales. The company’s philosophy is to produce great products that exhibit wonderful flavours and represent good value for money. The Fresh Fodder Taramosalata (aka: ‘The Gangster Dip’), as well as other dips in the range, are available for purchase at Two Providores.