When Umberto Somma arrived in Sydney in 1956, a young man from a small Italian village in Napoli, he set out to introduce Australia to traditional fresh Italian specialty cheeses that his family had been lovingly hand-crafting through four generations.

By 1962 he had saved enough money to buy a modest factory in Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner-west, where he began trading as Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers. From this factory, still in use today, Umberto made fresh cheeses such as bocconcini, ricotta, mascarpone, stracchino, malca and mozzarella to meet a growing demand from Sydney’s leading restaurants and delicatessens.

Today, Umberto’s legacy has been passed to his sons, Joseph and Max, who now lead the Paesanella Cheese operation. Their refusal to compromise on the quality of their product is testament to the fine traditions of fresh Italian cheese-making. Paesanella Cheese is an award-winning brand widely recognised as one the leading producers in Australia of fresh Italian cheeses.

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