The Olsson family began producing sea salt products in Australia in the 1940s. Their salt blocks are an essential part of Australian agriculture, initially supplementing the nutritional needs of sheep & cattle during the severe drought of the late ‘40s and early ‘50s.

The only ingredient in Olsson’s salt is seawater from the Great Barrier Reef & Great Australian Bight, two of the most pristine bodies of water in the world. The ancient tradition of making sea salt into flakes is a closely guarded secret and has taken over a decade for the Olsson’s to perfect.

There is no longer a reason to transport European sea salt flakes over 17,000km across the world when we have a wonderful product manufactured in our own backyard.

Salt - Redgum Smoked Flakes 90g x 6 ETA AUG
Salt - Sea Blossom Flakes 3 x 2kg, 750g
Salt - Sea Cooking 10kg
Salt - Sea Dairy 25kg
Salt - Sea Fleur de Sel Flakes 1kg
Salt - Sea Flossy Bakers 25kg
Salt - Sea Macrobiotic Fine 250g x 12
Salt - Sea Macrobiotic Rock Grinder 150g x 6 **RO*
Salt - Sea Medium Crystals 500g x18 **RO**
Salt - Sea Rock 10kg
Salt - Sea Salt Flakes Stoneware Jar 250g x 6
Salt - Sea Table 14kg, 750g
Sea Salt - Truffle 50g x 12