Murray River Pink Salt Flakes (500g x 12)

Duncan and Jan Thomson began operating in 1983, producing salt from the unlimited supply of underground saline water at Hattah, North West Victoria.  In 2000, SunSalt registered a new organisation - Murray River Salt and began producing premium gourmet salt flakes utilising concentrated brine from the Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin, which is located 13km northwest of Mildura in New South Wales.   

The concentrated brine is pumped up from an ancient inland sea where the water travels through several canals before making its way to crystallizer ponds. The brine is evaporated by the sun and crystallizes over the summer months where it is then harvested and transported to a nearby processing plant to be washed, dried and packaged. The water from the aquifer is highly mineralized, which gives the salt flakes their distinctive pink hue and soft flavour. This natural salt contains no additives or preservatives and is full of trace elements such as magnesium and calcium, whereas normal table salt has all the minerals washed out of it.