Miso - Yellow Chickpea 350g x 6, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, Sachets (10 x 12g) x 6
Miso - Sweet Red 350g x 6, 500g, Sachets (10 x 12g) x 6
Miso - Sweet White 350g x 6, 1kg, Sachets (10 x 12g) x 6
Koji Grains (freeze dried) 500g
Shio Koji Fresh 500g
Shio Koji Powder (Umami Salt) 500g

Meru Miso is the only Australian made range of Miso that is made from all Australian, biodynamic and organic ingredients.

Made by hand using traditional techniques, the range is individually handcrafted in small batches with limited use of industrial machinery to ensure minimal impact on our environment.
• Authentic, unpasteurized, natural product
• No alcohol, stabilisers or preservative
• Naturally fermented at ambient temperatures, resulting in a premium flavour in the end product
• Yellow Chickpea is the world’s first soy-free miso and entirely vegan