Lucas Meats, a family business was established by Leo Lucas in 1963 and following family tradition and a love of the hospitality industry the business was purchased by Leo’s son David in 2002.

Lucas pride themselves on applying the tried, tested and proven skills of the butcher’s trade to the needs of today’s consumer. They are well known for providing a uniquely-flavoured line of bacon and hams and have their own curing and smoking facilities based at their premises in Bronte.

Bacon - Back (Short Eye) Natural Smoked 2.5kg
Bacon - Middle (Rashers) Natural Rindless 2.5kg
Bacon - Mixed 'Café' Rindless 2.5kg
Bacon - Mixed Diced Rindless 2.5kg
Bacon - Side (Streaky) Rindless 2.5kg
Bacon - Speck aprx. 1kg
Beef Wagyu Smoked 2.5kg aprx
Beef Wagyu Smoked Sliced  1kg
Ham - D.S Natural Smoked aprx 4kg
Ham - D.S Natural Smoked Sliced 1kg
Pastrami New York Flat 2.7kg aprx