Verjus - Chardonnay 750ml
Vinegar Aust - Balsamic Strawberry 8 x 250ml
Vinegar Aust. - Apple Cider 5L
Vinegar Aust. - Apple Sweet 750ml
Vinegar Aust. - Balsamic Apple 5L
Vinegar Aust. - Balsamic Apple Caramelized 1L
Vinegar Aust. - Balsamic Caramelised 1L
Vinegar Aust. - Balsamic Ginger 8 x 250ml
Vinegar Aust. - Balsamic White 5L
Vinegar Aust. - Cabernet Sweet 750ml
Vinegar Aust. - Chardonnay Sweet - Aged 750ml
Vinegar Aust. - Merlot Spiced Grand Res. 6x350ml
Vinegar Aust. - Red Wine (Shiraz) - 5L
Vinegar Aust. - Red Wine Vinegar 6% 20L
Vinegar Aust. - Vincotto 1L
Vinegar Aust. - White Wine 6% 5L
Vinegar Aust. - White Wine Vinegar 6% 20L
Vinegar Aust. -Balsamic Fig 8 x 250ml

Ian and Robyn Henderson are the founders and owners of LiraH.

Robyn’s family, the Puglisi’s, are 3rd generation Italian immigrants and have always made their own vinegars. Their vinegar barrels were started in 1969. In fact, all their red wine vinegars use this original “mother” culture of the LiraH vinegars is derived from the original family vinegar barrels.

Today, LiraH operates from a state of the art, purpose built vinegar making ‘winery’ on Ian and Robyn’s farm. Set among the vineyards they use to make their verjus. The environmentally sustainable building enables them to dispose of all their waste on the property and thus operate a closed loop philosophy.

The vinegar making practices remain traditional, with old oak barrels used to age their red wine vinegars. All vinegars are free of allergens, sulphites and artificial colours and flavours.