La Tortilleria create authentic Mexican corn tortillas completely from scratch, using the same traditional ‘nixtamal’ method indigenous Aztecs used for centuries. They stone-grind their own corn on the premises in their traditional Mexican mill, then bake tortillas fresh daily to create a quality product that is:

Gluten free
Preservative and additive free
Cholesterol free
Saturated and trans fat free
100% locally-made from Australian ingredients

About nixtamalisation:

Nixtamal is a step in the traditional process of making masa, or maize flour, used by indigenous Mexicans since 1200BC. It is a process whereby a grain, typically maize or corn, is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution (usually limewater/calcium hydroxide) then rinsed of the solution. The resulting nixtamal has an increased nutritional value (releasing niacin) and improved flavour and aroma. However, perhaps most importantly, some of the corn oil is broken down into emulsifying agents and allows to corn protein to bond.

Fresh nixtamal is ground to become masa, which can then be used fresh to make dough for tortillas, tamales and arepas. When it is ground and dried it can become an instant masa flour which can be reconstituted to be used like masa. This is a vastly different product to generic cornmeal that has not gone through the process of nixtamalization. 

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