Butter - Black Truffle 150g x 6
Butter - Cultured Salted 6 Logs x 250g
Butter - Cultured Unsalted 6 Logs x 250g
Butter - Smoked Salt 150g x 6

Initially in 2010 King Valley Dairy (KVD) started as The Butter Factory Myrtleford. The early years were filled with incredible highs and also a few hurdles. The initial butter was sometimes inconsistent, it took a little time to get to know the seasonal variations within the milk production. Butter is made from separating the fat that is dispersed in the milk by using agitation, fermenting the cream with cultures prior to agitation develops the flavour compounds and acidifies the cream to create a better tasting, richer and healthier butter.

All about King Valley Dairy

Produced using local dairy co-op milk (Kiewa Valley area) from grass fed cows.

King Valley Dairy butter is cultured using a unique blend of four different European Cultures. The cream is left to set for around 18 hours so the flavour develops and the ideal PH is reached. The resulting butter has a lightly acidic but crisp clean finish.

The salt used in the salted range of butters (1.5%) is Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt from Dimboola in Victoria (1mm aggregate).

King Valley Dairy has an agreement in place with all farmers that provided cream to the dairy, that they will grow their bobby calves out to 100kg dressed weight (approx. 5 months) before being sold for meat.