Milk - Almond - Organic Cacao 350ml x 6 **RO**
Milk - Almond - Salted Caramel 350ml x 6 **RO**
Milk - Almond SMOOTH ORIGINAL Fresh 1L
Milk - Almond Unsweetened Fresh 1L
Milk - Coconut Fresh Unsweetened 1L

Inside Out is the first dairy milk alternative in Australia to use HPP cold pasteurization (not UHT), ensuring their milk remains as close as possible to its raw state, killing only the potentially harmful pathogenic bacteria without the use of heat or chemicals.
Inside Out is unmatched in terms of freshness, creaminess, flavour, stretch-ability, and nutritional value. 

  • Inside Out is 100% natural and doesn't contain thickeners, preservatives, oils and other additives.
  • It is lactose, cholesterol, preservative and gluten free.
  • Inside Out use cold pasteurisation (not UHT), applying extreme pressure rather than using heat to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life to 12 days. This ensures the product remains as close as possible to its raw state and taste.