Inside Out source local, Australian almonds. Their almond milk contains 12% almonds, at least double the proportion of almonds found in most other brands. This results in a creamier milk with a more pronounced almond flavour. A fresh product, their almonds are cold-pressed to order. After you place an order the almonds are soaked in water overnight (activated), drained, blended with a little water, squeezed, mixed with sea salt and bottled.

The coconut milk is literally just coconut flesh and filtered water (unsweetened; the original contains Natvia, a stevia extract). Cold pressed, cold pressured and ready to drink with a delicious fresh and pure taste.

Soy Natural is fresh and non-heat pasteurised whereas all other brands are UHT or heat treated in some way. Soy Natural is made from premium Aussie soy beans.

Inside Out is 100% natural and doesn't contain thickeners, preservatives, oils and other additives. It is lactose, cholesterol, preservative and gluten free.

Inside Out use cold pasteurisation (not UHT), applying extreme pressure rather than using heat to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life to 12 days. This ensures the product remains as close as possible to its raw state and taste.

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