Brigid's Well (Goat) aprx 650g
Curd - Goat Fromage Frais 1kg
La Luna Baby (Goat) aprx 50g x 16 units
La Luna Barrel (Goat) aprx 110g
La Luna Ring (Goat) aprx 1.4kg
Skyla Log (Goat) aprx 110g

Cheesemakers Ann-Marie Monda and Carla Meurs have been making cheese since 1999 on their organic farm at Castlemaine, 200 acres of rolling granite plains just 90 minutes north of Melbourne.

The herd of 100 Saanen and British Alpine Goats forage on native grasses, herbs and shrubs and are hand fed on a special blend of organic feed. Only around 20 goats are mated each year to ensure a sustainable herd that can be milked year-round. This sustainable and ethical management of the herd means the dairy produces only the volume of milk required to produce high quality cheeses with unique complexity and depth.