Bacon - Back (Short Eye) Maple Rindless aprx. 2kg

Beginning as early as 14 years of age, Tino Dees, The German Butcher, has worked his way through all the steps of production to ensure he is making the best traditional Germanic charcuterie including butcher, food technician and consultant.
After a successful career in the European meat industry, Tino and Kati (his wife) decided to bring these products to NSW and open their own small goods factory in Sydney.
Tino is fastidious about the primary ingredients he uses from only working with female pork, to carefully sourced cold-milled spices (to ensure the purity of the volatile oils), even down to making his own paprika. 
With a hint of smoke being a key characteristic of Germanic charcuterie, Tino extends his care and concern to the wood he uses. Sourcing the traditional beechwood for his range of charcuterie, Tino works with a single producer to gain access to a sustainable and clean product.