Here at Two Providores, we count ourselves lucky to be able to work with so many incredible women on a daily basis.

Whether they’re producers, chefs, home cooks, industry professionals, or our very own staff members, these women continue to raise the bar and inspire us with their passion and talent.

Today, in recognition of International Women’s Day this week, we've decided to place the focus on female chefs, asking some of our favourites to tell us which ingredients or food trends are currently exciting and inspiring them in the kitchen.


Laura Baratto – Group Chef, Matt Moran (pictured right. Photo credit: Rob Palmer)

“The ingredient I am excited to be working with is the new Messina Australian chocolate. An amazing product that is a first for the Australian market. Being 100% home-grown and made is something that, as a chef, we get excited and very proud to be working with.”





O Tama Carey – Owner/Head Chef, Lankan Filling Station

“I am really excited about the fact that Australian native ingredients are becoming more

available and are slowly filtering their way into the mainstream. I think we are a bit behind

other countries in regard to this, which seems a dreadful shame.”



Jacqui Challinor – Executive Chef, Nomad

“Anchovies, always anchovies! I'll sneak them into anything and everything I can get my

hands on! Anybody who says they don't like them has never had a good one.”



Rhiann Mead – Head Pastry Chef, Bennelong (photo credit: Nikki To)

“The current food trend I’m most excited about is creating plant-based desserts that don’t

compromise on taste or texture. It’s a real challenge and a huge learning curve, but with so

many high-quality ingredients and substitutes the possibilities are exciting.”



Ahana Dutt – Junior Sous, Firedoor (photo credit: Nikki To)

“What excites me most currently is how popular fermentation has become - it makes us look 

at produce uniquely, goes hand in hand with sustainability and keeps us connected to traditional

methods of preservation. Fermentation is a process where the whole produce is considered.”



Simmone Logue – Founder and Creative Director, Simmone Logue Fine Food

“My ingredient of the moment is preserved lemons. I love its unique flavour.

I use them in my slow braised Moroccan lamb casserole with roasted eggplant. I also love to

mix it with roasted veg, pine nut, currant and cous cous and stuff a well-bred bird for roasting.

It’s also wonderful finely chopped into a homemade mayonnaise to accompany fish.”



Dorothy Lee – Owner, Hartsyard

“Definitely a good quality soy sauce. Not only because I grew up cooking with it, but a

top-quality one is so versatile that it can be used to enhance a dressing or to provide more

depth to a sauce/ broth. Table 181 Virgin Soy is definitely one of my absolute faves!”



Sophie Gilliatt – Director, The Dinner Ladies

“My younger daughter is a chili freak and makes me batches of a delicious chili oil with

crisped up garlic and Szechuan pepper. You can toss it through tofu before roasting, through

Asian greens, noodles or drizzle it over dumplings. So great.”



Claire Van Vuuren – Owner/Head Chef, Bloodwood

“[I’m excited for] people to travel with their tastebuds and explore new flavours and

cultures whilst staying local.”