Based in Sydney's Inner West, Drunken Sailor Jams are made in small batches using high quality ingredients. Justin Arnoux has perfected over 17 varieties and is continually experimenting with flavours and local ingredients.
The range of products we have selected from Drunken Sailor Jams are perfect for a range of applications – don’t think of just jam on toast but imagine Duck Breast with Pear, Vanilla & Whisky Jam, Spiced Cranberry & Port Glazed Ham, Strawberry Rose Macarons and Tarragon Mustard Crusted Lamb Racks.

Dukkah - Almond & Sesame 1.14kg
Honey - Smokey Chipotle 295g x 12
Jam - Forest Fruit 2.4kg
Jam - Peach Vanilla and Brandy 2.4kg
Jam - Pear, Vanilla & Whisky 2.4kg, 295g x 12 **RO**
Jam - Pineapple, Coconut & Rum 2.4kg, 295g x 12 **RO**
Jam - Spiced Cranberry & Port Jam 2.4kg
Jam - Strawberry Rose 2.4kg, 295g x 12
Lemons Preserved Australian 2.4kg
Marmalade - Blood Orange 2.4kg
Mustard -Tarragon 2.4kg
Relish - Beetroot & Gin 2.4kg
Relish - Confit Onion & Bourbon 2.4kg, 295g x 12
Relish - Jalapeno & Tequila  295g x 12, 2.4kg
Relish - Smokey Tomato 2.4kg, 295g x 12 **RO**