Beans - Broad Beans Aquadulce 500g x 12
Beans - Broad Beans Aquadulce 5kg
Chickpeas - Dal Bengal Gold Chana 5kg
Chickpeas - Kabuli 500g x 12
Chickpeas - Kabuli 5kg
Lentils - Big Red Bolt 500g x 12
Lentils - Big Red Bolt 5kg
Lentils - Dal Sunset Red Masoor 5kg
Lentils - Royal Baby Blue 500g x 12
Lentils - Royal Baby Blue 5kg
Oil - Peanut Oil Raw Press Red Skin Australian 1L
Oil - Peanut Oil Raw Pressed Red Skin 250ml
Peas - Pearl White 5kg
Seaweed - Wakame Dried Hand Harvested 25g x 12
Seaweed - Wakame Dried Hand Harvested 500g

‘The great proportion of our food comes in one way or another from the dirt that we stand on. Once of the greatest thing you can do is share this food and respect how and where it came from by making informed responsible choices’. Simon Bryant

The dirt(y) inc. range includes pulses from Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, Peanut Oil from Queensland and dried hand harvested wakame from Tasmania.

  • Traceable, single origin, sustainable and non-GMO
  • All grown and processed in Australia. Even the packaging is made and printed in Australia for lower Co2 outputs
  • Great range suitable for all seasons, easy to cook and of the highest quality

Dirt(y) Inc was founded by Chef Simon Bryant, a champion for local, seasonal and sustainable food.

Simon says... 
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