Barley Pearl Org. 5kg
Buckwheat Kernels Org. 5kg
Flour - Besan SG Org. 5kg
Flour - Buckwheat SG Org. 5kg
Flour - Khorasan White Org. 12.5kg
Flour - Polenta Maize Org. 5kg
Flour - Rice Brown Org. 5kg
Flour - Semolina Org. 5kg
Flour - Spelt Unbleached White SG Org. 5kg
Flour - Unbleached White Bakers SG Org 12.5kg(217)
Flour - Wholerye SG Org. 5kg
Flour - Wholespelt SG Org. 5kg
Flour - Wholewheat Bakers SG Org.12.5kg
Linseed Brown Org. 5kg
Oat Kernels (Groats) Organic 5kg
Rye Grain Org. 5kg
Seven Grain Bread Mix Org. 5kg
Spelt Grain Org. 5kg
Sugar - Rapadura Org. 12.5kg
Sugar - Rapadura Org. 5kg

Wholegrain Milling is one of very few multi-certified organic mills in Australia.

Their products are carefully stone-ground using traditional European mill-stones. Consequently all the germ, bran and endosperm of the wholegrain, along with the vitamins and minerals, are retained and distributed evenly throughout the stone-milled flour.

It’s the wheat germ that is retained during the stone milling process which produces the characteristic nutty real wheat flavour and aroma in wholewheat flour. Flour is ground from grains that are grown, stored and milled without the use of any chemicals.

Flour - Khorasan White Org. 25kg
Flour - Premium Baker White Org. 12.5kg (145)
Flour - Premium Bakers White Cake Org. 25kg
Flour - Premium Bakers White Org. 25kg (296)
Flour - Premium White Spelt 25kg
Flour - Rice Brown Org. 25kg
Flour - Rice White Org. 25kg
Flour - Sus. Premium Bakers White 12.5kg (183)
Flour - Sus. Unbleached Bakers White SG 25kg (132)
Flour - Sus. Unbleached Heritage Wheat 25kg (167)
Flour - Sus. White Heritage Wheat SG 25kg (248)
Flour - Sus. Wholewheat Bakers SG 25kg (239)
Flour - Unbleached White Bakers SG Org. 25kg
Flour - Wholerye Light Sift Org. 25kg (156)
Flour - Wholespelt SG Org. 25kg
Flour - Wholewheat Bakers SG Org. 25kg (188)
Rye Grain Org. 25kg
Spelt - Rolled Org. 25kg