Premium Carboor Harvest Hazelnuts

Almond Kernels Raw 4kg  (Aust.)
Almonds 125g (Aust.)
Hazelnut Kernels Dry Roasted 4kg  (Aust.)
Hazelnuts 125g  (Aust.)
Macadamia Kernels Raw 4kg (Aust.)
Oil - Hazelnut Australian 250ml  (Aust.)
Peanut Kernels Raw Blanched 6kg (Aust.)
Pecan Kernels Raw 3kg  (Aust.)
Pecans 125g  (Aust.)
Pistachio Kernels Raw 4kg (Aust.)
Pistachios 125g  (Aust.)
Walnut Kernels Raw 3kg  (Aust.)
Walnuts 125g  (Aust.)

In 2015, three nutters Ben, Maxine and Antony founded Carboor Harvest, an integrated agribusiness that grows, harvests and manufactures premium hazelnut based products.
With 12,500 hazelnut trees spread across 410 acres near Mount Buffalo in North East Victoria, Carboor Harvest is Australia’s largest hazelnut farm.

Carboor Harvest also work with other growers to source Australian nuts including almonds (Renmark, Vic), pecans (Moree, NSW), pistachios (Robinvale, Vic) and walnuts (Goulburn Valley, Vic).