Often referred to as the king of cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano is the classic Italian cheese.

Reggiano has been produced in the Montechiarugolo area for over 800 years, originally by the monks of the Basilicanova. This rich tradition has been continued by three generations of the Bianchi family. The pristine region is considered one of the best areas for the production of milk for parmigiano reggiano due to the quality of the land, purity of the water and pollution-free air.

The Bianchi family is involved in all stages of production of the cheese, owning and operating the farm, supervising the manufacture and the maturation phase. The Bianchi family’s hands-on approach allows full control over the quality of the cheese. Making Biemme Reggiano one of the best examples of the culinary world’s most well-known and adored regional specialties.

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