With its origins in the unspoiled Kosciuszko National Park, Beloka Water flows over 500 million year old shales, slates, siltstones and granites, before accumulating in subterranean rock aquifers beneath the property.

Like the world’s best spring waters (and unlike many bottled waters, which can have multiple sources, be chemically treated and bulk transported to generic urban production facilities), the water flows from a protected single subterranean aquifer. Beloka Water has a verified nitrate level of less than 0.2, and is high in magnesium and calcium. The purity, of Beloka water ranks among the finest in the world.

Bottled in glass at its Snowy Mountains source, this fresh and pure Australian product has not left a carbon footprint halfway across the planet on its journey to your table. Furthermore, the bottles are Australian made, as are the labels and caps.  Even the cartons are Australian made from Australian recycled paper.

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