Where do we start?

Apart from the delicious range of cheeses that span across oozing white moulds, rich blues, and creamy semi-hards, it’s hard to ignore the dedication to sheep’s milk that Bronwyn and Burke put into their produce.

Set on their farm in Victoria’s Gippsland, the Brandon family have created a space that focuses on bringing the best of Australia’s pure and natural ingredients to their cheese. It begins with making sure the pastures are grown to provide the best base for their animals to graze, and for the milk to do what it does best. They then breed and milk the sheep by hand, which ensures distinctive flavors and delicate textures. This dedication to hand-crafted produce provides the ultimate ‘paddock to plate’ experience and their cheeses reflect this.

At Two Providores, we stock a range of Prom Country cheeses. The Woolamai Mist, Sheep Sensation, Moyarra Myrtle and Black Sheep make great additions to any cheeseboard your heart desires. They are complex, rich and constantly evolving – making them all definite crowd pleasers.

You can get you hands on Victoria’s finest from our retail website, or by contacting your Key Account Manager.