1. Truffles are one of the oldest plant forms on the planet – dinosaurs ate truffles!

2. The ancient Greeks thought truffles were made when lightning hit damp soil.

3. A fabled aphrodisiac, in the Middle Ages monks were prohibited from eating truffles for fear they would forget their calling.

4. Today, France, Italy and Spain are the three largest truffle producers in the world, with Australia ranking in fourth place.

5. 92% of Australian truffle exports come from Western Australia.

6. Black truffles (tuber melanosporum) grow on the roots of trees that are aged between five to 25 years. The truffles grow best when the trees are ‘adolescent’ (between 10 – 20 years old). 

7. Truffles grow in harmony with their host tree, enabling the tree to take in phosphorus while in return the truffle receives sugars enabling it to grow.

8. Black truffles are one of the highest containing products of natural glutamate (also known as ‘umami’). You don’t actually ‘taste’ glutamate with your tastebuds. Instead it activates the part of your brain that makes things taste good.

9. Storing truffles in dry rice is not actually the best way to keep them fresh as the dry rice sucks all the moisture out of them. The best way to store a truffle is in an airtight container with a clean tea towel or CHUX cloth at the bottom and about an inch of headspace above the truffle, which allows it to ‘breath’.

10. The largest truffle ever found is an Alba White Truffle (tuber magnatum pico) that was found in central Italy and weighed in at 1,786g on 4 December 2014. The giant truffle was flown to New York's Sotherby’s where an auction was held and it ended up selling for US $61,250. 


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