We supply specialty artisan produce and dry-store essentials to quality restaurants, cafes, bakeries and caterers. We are a wholesale distributor based in Sydney who are committed to making great food accessible to everyone in food service.

We hitch Australia’s small, sustainable producers with like-minded chefs by sharing their stories and produce, placing particular emphasis on supporting Australian producers who have made a commitment to promoting sustainable farming and manufacturing processes. We have an unwavering focus on customer service and education about the produce and producers we are working with and we take our responsibility of supplying premium quality produce seriously.

Our essentials range includes all the recognised dry-store brands at competitive prices. As a member of Countrywide we have access to some of Australia’s most established brands and in turn, provide our customers with access to the Countrywide Rewards program.

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Welcome Pino’s Dolce Vita Fine Foods

Pino’s Dolce Vita Fine Foods.  Pino’s draws from a vast range of cultural traditions. South American, Spanish and Portuguese influences have resulted in a diverse product range that speak in many different accents and create an exciting range of flavours and food experiences to enjoy.


Pino's Products are Available Now

Messinesse Salami (1kg)
Calabrese Salami (3kg)
Toscano Salami (1kg)
Saucisson Sec (1kg)
N’Djua Spreadable (1kg bags)
N’Djua Spreadable Retail (250g)